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Bernie Voters Boo Sanders, Heckle Blacks At DNC (Video)

Some supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont booed him for the second time on July 26, and heckled black and female speakers at the Democratic National Convention on July 25 (video below).

Sanders was booed while addressing his California delegates during a breakfast speech about supporting presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, notes Mediaite.

Speaking over the boos of his supporters, Sanders said: "In my view, it is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a Trump presidency!"

Sanders was also booed on July 25 by some of his delegates for endorsing Clinton.

Several Twitter users wrote that Sanders supporters were heckling black and female speakers who took the stage at the DNC on July 25, reports:

"Seems like Bernie bros mostly chant over black and female speakers."

"Am I imagining it or is there more booing and heckling when black speakers are on stage?"

"Bern bros chanting 'we trusted you.' Why is it they seem to mostly chant over black & female speakers."

"So the Bernie folks are shouting over and disrespecting black speakers, women speakers ... to what purpose?"

"A bunch privileged white lefties shouting down black and female speakers for their (ideological) impurity: bad optics, but perfect metaphor."

"This whole 'screaming over black speakers' thing is not a good look."

"Funny, this is not the convention I expected to see old white people screaming over black speakers, complaining about being marginalized."

"When a black man, who is a civil rights hero, is talking about civil rights, maybe shut the f--- up for five minutes about the TPP."

Some Sanders supporters wore tape across their mouths with the word "Silenced."

Politico tried to interview a woman with tape across her mouth, Angie Aker, who wrote the news site a note: "The DNC is threatening that they might pull my credentials if I don’t take this off. They want to truly silence me. They don’t even want me to have this much free speech."

When Politico tried to a follow-up question, Aker referred to some postings on her Facebook page.

Peter Rickman, a Wisconsin delegate who supported Sanders, said of Aker: "She runs Upworthy. Soon someone is going to put two and two together that she’s just doing this to get personal attention."

The news site confirmed that Aker works for Upworthy's video licensing department.

Sources: Mediaite,, Politico / Photo credit: Flickr

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