Bernie Sanders Will Decide On Presidential Run By April 30

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont will announce whether or not he will run for president by April 30, a spokesman for the senator stated. Sanders' potential bid for the White House could fluster Democrat Hillary Clinton, who announced her campaign on Sunday (April 12).

Sanders, a self-penned “democratic socialist,” has previously considered running for the White House on the Democratic line. Earlier this year, the veteran senator visited the key voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire and later traveled to Nevada, California, Texas and Illinois, NBC News reported.

Sen. Sanders has also heavily criticized the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the 2010 case of Citizens v. United, where the Court’s ruling allowed for any non-profit corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. Supporters of the decision state that government should not be able to interfere in what wealthy corporations do with their money, while opponents, like Sanders, believe that allowing millions of dollars to influence politics destroys democracy.

Speaking with New Hampshire Public Radio on his potential campaign, Sanders remained concerned about the fundraising aspect.

“We are … trying to determine whether or not we can raise the very substantial sums of money one needs in this day and age to run a campaign against people who have unlimited sums of money,” he said.

Since Clinton’s announcement on Sunday that she will be running for a second time for the White House, many Democrats have questioned whether or not a primary is needed in their party. Polls also validate this skepticism – a recent NBC News poll showed that 86 percent of Democratic primary voters will support Clinton. Sanders was in third, with 21 percent, behind Vice President Joe Biden, at 54 percent.

However, progressives in the Democratic Party welcome Sanders more than Clinton, due to the former U.S. Secretary of State’s ties to large corporations. Sanders has repeatedly criticized “big banks” and other corporations for the 2008 economic crisis and bailouts they received from the federal government, paid by taxpayers. 

One pro-Sanders voter said of his potential run for president: “Bernie fights for the people endlessly.  He’s a tough man, he doesn’t back down.  He’s dynamite.”

Sources: Burlington Free Press, Newsmax, NBC News

Photo Credit: sanders.senate.gov


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