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Bernie Sanders: Trump Should Consider Resigning

Bernie Sanders: Trump Should Consider Resigning Promo Image

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont doesn't just want Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota to resign, he wants President Donald Trump to do so as well.

"Let me take it a little step further," Sanders told "CBS This Morning" on Dec. 7 while describing that the problem of sexual harassment and assault go far beyond Franken. "We have a president of the United States who acknowledged on a tape -- widely seen all over this country -- that he assaulted women. So I would hope that maybe the president of the United States might pay attention to what's going on and also think about resigning."

On Dec. 7, Franken announced his intention to resign "in the coming weeks" out of concerns that he would not "both pursue the Ethics Committee process and at the same time remain an effective senator," reports NPR.

Sanders also spoke out against Alabama Judge Roy Moore, who has not stepped down as a prospective Republican senator despite allegations that he molested teenagers, notes CBS.

Sanders said the U.S. has "a lot of work to do to protect women's equality in this country" and called for renewed protections of a "woman's right to control her own body, to get equal pay for equal work" and to "have access to reproductive rights."

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As far as Franken, Sanders said he decided to stand against his colleague despite saying earlier that the Minnesota Democrat's constituents should decide his fate. The game changer, Sanders said, was that multiple women came forward and presented "additional evidence."

"I think what we have got to recognize as a nation, that this is a problem not only impacting high profile men," he added. "What I worry about right now as we speak is that in restaurants, in offices all over this country where you have bosses who are not famous, there is harassment of women, women are being intimidated, and we need a cultural revolution in this country."

Sanders' comments came amid concerns that a government shutdown is impending, as many Democrats are fighting for immigration reform.

Though President Trump said Democrats would be to blame if the government does shut down, Sanders said that was "certainly not" the case.

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"Let us all remember, last I heard Republicans control the U.S. Senate, Republicans control the U.S. House, and right now what is going on is Republicans want huge increases for military spending, but they don't want to provide another nickel to make sure that we can lower student loans in this country, that we can deal with the crisis of pensions in this country," he added. "…We have enormous issues that we have got to deal with, and instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, maybe it's time the Republican Party started looking at the needs of the working class and middle class of this country."

Sources: CBS, NPR / Featured Image: Lorie Shaull/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Shelly Prevost/FlickrMichael Vadon/Flickr

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