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Bernie Sanders Blasted For Wearing $690 Jacket (Photos)

Bernie Sanders Blasted For Wearing $690 Jacket (Photos) Promo Image

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been subjected to some backlash after speaking at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's second term swearing-in ceremony wearing a $690 jacket.

The 76-year-old senator has been dubbed the "stylish socialist" by The Washington Times after wearing a $690 Burton 2L LZ jacket during de Blasio's swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 1, the Daily Mail reported.

Some media publications pointed to Sanders' recent column for CNN in November in which he blasted the wealthy people in America, saying they are "never satisfied with what they have" and always "want more, more and more."

"Greed is their religion," Sanders wrote. "While the oligarchs are avoiding their taxes, [President Donald Trump] and his Republican colleagues, ostensibly in order to save federal dollars, have been trying to throw tens of millions of Americans off of their health insurance, and make massive cuts in education, nutrition assistance, and affordable housing."

But Newsweek pointed out that, according to his June financial disclosure form, Sanders earned more than $858,000 in book royalties alone. They added that Sanders qualifies for the top 1 percent he often rails against once his $174,000 Senate salary was added in.

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The media outlet also mentioned Sanders' tweet in April in which he wrote, "How many yachts do billionaires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can't have it all." That tweet prompted some social media users to point out that Sanders himself owns three houses and is one the richest politicians in the country, according to Newsweek.

Seven Days magazine reported that Sanders and his wife, Jane, bought a lakefront summer home in North Hero, Vermont, for $600,000 in 2016. The article also pointed out that the couple already had houses in Washington, D.C., and Burlington, Vermont.

While speaking at de Blasio's ceremony, Sanders joked about the weather and took yet another jab at the rich. He also took what appeared to be some subtle jabs at Donald Trump and his administration.

"Now, by Vermont standards this is a warm and pleasant afternoon," Sanders quipped. He then complimented the job de Blasio has done in New York.

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"Instead of pandering to billionaires we have a government here which has chosen to listen to the needs of working families," Sanders said.

"The bottom line is, that what Mayor de Blasio and his administration understand is that in this country, in the home of Ellis Island, our job is to bring people together with love and compassion," Sanders added, according to the Observer.

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