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Bernie Sanders At Rally: GOP Blames Obama For Everything

At a rally in Boston on October 3, Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew a crowd of over 20,000 people - twice the number of people who turned up to see then-presidential candidate Barack Obama at the same location in Boston eight years ago, according to The Washington Post.

Sanders has repeatedly drawn record-high numbers of supporters throughout his campaign so far, including 28,000 in Portland, Oregon this August. 

According to The Hill, at the rally in Boston, Sanders poked fun at Republicans, saying, "In their world, every problem that you can possibly imagine is caused by Barack Obama. If there is rain, if it’s too hot, if there’s a mosquito in the room, it is all Barack Obama.” 

"But we really can’t gloat, because they suffer from a very serious amnesia problem,” he continued. "A serious illness that seems to afflict Republican presidential candidates. They can’t help it, but they just cannot remember the way things were seven years ago."

Turning his comments to the recent GOP presidential debate, Sanders said, Some of you may have had the misfortune of watching the Republican debate a few weeks ago. I promised I would do some tweeting, and I watched it hour after hour and, the energy dissipated my body. It was a really painful experience." 

"Here's the way politics works," Sanders began, suggesting that Republicans are trying to turn voters away from the polls. "When nobody votes, Republicans win. When large numbers of people come out, when people demand that the United States government start representing all of us and not just a handful of billionaires, when that happens, we win."

"That is what this campaign is about. It is reaching out to our friends and our neighbors. Reaching out to working class Republicans who continue to vote against their own best interest. Bringing people together. When we do that, when we significantly increase the voter turnout, it ain't going to be a contest, we're going to win hands down."

Sanders, who, according to Chicago Tribune, has just this week reported raising $26 million during the past three months, also said that he does not "represent the agenda of the billionaire class or corporate America, and I don't want their money." On multiple occasions, Sanders has said he refuses to take money from Super PACs. Instead, Sanders says he is "running a people's campaign," with a vast majority of the money he has raised coming from individual donors, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Speaking about one of his biggest issues, income inequality, at the rally in Boston, Sanders suggested that the economy is currently rigged, “Heads they win, tails you lose."

Sources: The Hill, Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post

Photo credit: Cynthia/Twitter


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