'Enough Is Enough': Bernie Sanders Addresses Wealth Gap In U.S.


Bernie Sanders expressed during an interview with ABC that America needs a “political revolution,” and that the U.S. should be more like Europe and countries like Scandinavia.

Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist” who is the first Democrat to officially announce a run against Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, spoke out against billionaire influence in politics in his first interview since announcing a bid for the White House.

“I get very frightened about the future of American democracy when this becomes a battle between billionaires,” Sanders said in an interview on ABC’s This Week. “It should be the concern of every American. We need a political revolution of millions of people in this country who are prepared to stand up and say, ‘enough is enough.’ I want to help lead that effort.”

Sanders also commented on his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying that she could be too isolated from the average American to be an effective president.

“Hillary Clinton has been a part of the political establishment for many, many years,” he said. Clinton tweeted her support for Sanders’ candidacy earlier this week.

“I agree with Bernie. Focus must be on helping America’s middle class,” Clinton wrote. “GOP would hold them back. I welcome him to the race.”

This Week host George Stephanopoulos pressed Sanders on his support of socialism, questioning whether such a position would provide leverage to Republicans.

“I can hear the Republican attack ad right now: ‘He wants America to look more like Scandinavia,’” Stephanopoulos said.

“That’s right. That’s right. And what’s wrong with that?” Sanders replied. “What’s wrong when you have more income and wealth equality? What’s wrong when they have a stronger middle class in many ways than we do, higher minimum wage than we do, and they are stronger on the environment?”

Sources: The Hill, New York Post

Photo Credit: nypost.com, abcnews.go.com


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