Bernard Whitman Calls Romney 'Borat' on Fox News, Hannity Mad

Poor Sean Hannity. Undoubtedly aware of the dismal new polling numbers for Mitt Romney from Fox News, Hannity tried to take out his frustration on Democrat Bernard Whitman last night. But Seanie-Pooh’s bad luck just kept with him. Because after several minutes of bullyboy Hanctimony, Whitman let him have it, no holds barred. 

Hannity and his like-minded guest, Kerry Picket, did their best to present Obama as an incompetent and ineffectual president for much of the segment. When he failed to flummox or outmaneuver Whitman, Hannity shouted, at about 4:30 into the video, “You are like a brain-dead, lobotomized, walking talking-point zombie! Stop giving me that garbage!”

Whitman, who seemed perfectly unruffled, replied,

“You know why you’re so upset, Sean?Because Mitt Romney has turned into the American Borat. Every single time he opens his mouth (Hannity kept yelling but again failed to rattle Whitman) …he either insults the Americans - half the country - he insults the Brits or he tells Iran that they should launch a dirty bomb. I mean, this guy is not serious. And he basically has now contributed to your losing the Senate as well as the presidency. It’s sort of shocking. I’d be upset if I were you, too.”

Although Hannity had interrupted and argued with everything else Whitman said, all Hannity said now was, “You gotta stop lighting candles at the picture of Obama every night.”

For keeping his cool and giving Hannity some straight talk he couldn’t deny, Bernard Whitman is our latest Top Dog.


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