Benton County, Arkansas GOP Suggests Shooting Lawmakers Who Voted to Provide Health Care for Poor


Last week, the Arkansas State Senate voted to pass a measure that would result in Medicaid money being used for private health insurance for poor residents, reports Bloomberg News.

This did not sit well with the Republican Party of Benton County, Arkansas, which apparently opposes helping poor citizens who cannot afford health care.

In the party's monthly newsletter, columnist Chris Nogy suggested this effort to help the poor should be corrected by shooting lawmakers: "Personally, I think a gun is quicker and more merciful, but hey, we can’t," reported Talk Business Arkansas.

Nogy wrote in the newsletter:

We need to let those who will come in the future to represent us that we are serious.  The 2nd amendment means nothing unless those in power believe you would have no problem simply walking up and shooting them if they got too far out of line and stopped responding as representatives.

It seems that we are unable to muster that belief in any of our representatives on a state or federal level, but we have to have something, something costly, something that they will fear that we will use if they step out of line.  If we can’t shoot them, we have to at least be firm in our threat to take immediate action against them politically, socially, and civically if they screw up on something this big.  Personally, I think a gun is quicker and more merciful, but hey, we can’t.

“I’m embarrassed for the Benton County Republican Committee for including this article in their newsletter,” State Republican Sen. Jon Woods told Talk Business Arkansas. “I would think the Benton County Committee would have better judgment and not allow this to be sent out.”

“That’s scary,” added State Republican Rep. Micah Neal. “I don’t appreciate it.”

“The letter was not approved and Mr. Nogy had no authority to submit it through the newsletter," said the Benton County Republican Committee in a statement. "As a committee, we respect the right of our legislators to vote based on their knowledge and feedback from the voters they represent.  We will discuss this issue further with our executive committee.”

Sources: Bloomberg News, Talk Business Arkansas,


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