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Ben Carson's Former Campaign Manager: Trump Will Be GOP Nominee (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s former campaign manager believes Donald Trump will be the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee (video below).

“Unless something horrific or tragic comes along, which the establishment has been waiting on now for 10 months, [Donald Trump] is going to be our nominee,” Barry Bennett said Jan. 6 on CNN's "At This Hour.”

"All you've got to do is compare the size of everyone's rallies. And that's really a demonstration of grass-roots support," Bennett added. "Donald Trump is having 10,000, 12,000 people show up at rallies. A lot of these guys are having five or six people show up at their events in Iowa. There's just not a comparison. You know, the establishment can fret about it all they want, but this is the new reality."

Bennett reiterated that given Trump’s polling position, which finds him currently with an average of more than 35 percent of voters support, according to Real Clear Politics, he will be the winner of the GOP nomination.

"He's got the support out there right now, and unless something cataclysmic happens, he's going to win,” Bennett said on CNN.

Bennett resigned his position as campaign manager for Carson on Dec. 31, CNN reports. Carson’s campaign also lost deputy campaign manager Lisa Coen and communications director Doug Watts at the same time. Their resignations came as Carson has struggled in the polls and amid reports the campaign is suffering turmoil.

Sources: CNN, CNN "At This Hour" via Buzz Sourse on YouTube, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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