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Ben Carson Warns America Is Near Carnage, Death (Video)

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson warned that America is on the verge of "tremendous carnage and death" on May 30 (video below).

Carson made his comments during an appearance on the Fox News show "Fox & Friends," notes

"America, right now, is like a cruise ship that is about to go off of Niagara Falls with tremendous carnage and death," the former neurosurgeon said. "What you have to do first is recognize the problem, stop the ship, turn it around and then move in the other direction."

Later in the program, Carson, who supports GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, warned against a rumored third-party candidate:

I'm hoping that whoever that third-party candidate is will just stop for a moment and think about what the implications are of allowing Hillary Clinton or someone like her to get in there.

And they get two to four Supreme Court picks and completely change the nature of this country and destroy the prospects for their children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities that they had.

The third-party candidate was originally mentioned by Weekly Standard editor William Kristol in a tweet on May 29, notes "Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate-- an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance."

In response, Trump tweeted that same day:

"Bill Kristol has been wrong for 2yrs-an embarrassed loser, but if the GOP can't control their own, then they are not a party. Be tough, R's!"

"The Republican Party has to be smart & strong if it wants to win in November. Can't allow lightweights to set up a spoiler Indie candidate!"

"If dummy Bill Kristol actually does get a spoiler to run as an Independent, say good bye to the Supreme Court!"

Kristol tweeted to Trump on May 30: "I'm traveling, so hadn't realized I'd so upset @realDonaldTrump. I'm sorry the mere mention of an independent candidate has so unnerved him."

Sources:,, Bill Kristol/Twitter, Donald J. Trump/Twitter / Photo Credit: Fox News via YouTube

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