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Ben Carson: Gun-Free Zones Are The Problem

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says gun-free zones, not loose gun regulations, are what enable mass shootings. The retired neurosurgeon sat down with WPHT’s Dom Giordano on Oct. 20 to discuss the polarizing issue. 

During their conversation, Giordano asked Carson about the divide between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the Second Amendment. Carson argues that gun control should not even be on the table, Breitbart reports. 

Carson said of the divide: 

"There shouldn’t be a battle over the Second Amendment. I believe that it would be most reasonable to say, yes we see these tragedies that occur with guns and people using them in an inappropriate manner and, obviously, we should be concerned about that, so let’s sit down and let’s talk about reasonable ways to prevent this from happening without infringing on our Second Amendment rights. That’s what intelligent people do."

The conversation then shifted to gun-free zones. Gun rights activists argue areas that ban firearms are vulnerable to mass shooters. According to Breitbart, Carson agrees that gun-free zones are the problem. 

Carson said about gun-free zones:

"Logic and common sense is something that seems to have escaped many people. In fact, when you look at some of these gun tragedies that have occurred, it’s quite amazing how they seem to occur in the gun-free zones. A lot of these shooters are people who are mentally unstable, but they’re not so unstable that they don’t recognize that, if I’m going to kill a lot of people, I need to go to a place where people are not likely to have guns and kill me."

Carson has been vocal about eliminating gun-free zones since the Oregon college campus shooting on Oct. 1. He believes an armed population improves safety.

The presidential candidate raised some eyebrows in early October when he claimed that “the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed,” The Washington Post reports. 

Carson fired back at critics of that statement in an Oct. 12 interview with The Dallas Morning News' Trail Blazers Blog. 

“Throughout the history of the world, before dictators take control, they generally disarm the populace,” says Carson. “The same thing happened in Germany. Why is that controversial?”

Sources: Breitbart, The Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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