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Ben Carson: Not The Government's Job To Care For Poor People (Video)

During CNN's Republican presidential town hall on Feb. 17, Dr. Ben Carson said that it was not the government's job to take care of poor people (video below).

Carson was asked by a voter how he would reconcile Christian beliefs and the GOP wanting to cut aid for the poor.

"My stance is that we the people have the responsibility to take care of the indigent in our society, it's not the government's job," Carson replied. "And you can read the Constitution all you want, it never says that it is the government's job, and I think that's where we have gotten confused."

Carson recalled the "old days of America" when a farmer, who broke his leg while picking apples, would be assisted by other people during harvest time.

Carson added that if someone got killed by a bear "everybody took care of their family."

The GOP candidate went on to say that for "some strange reason," the government started helping poor people in the 1920s under President Woodrow Wilson. Carson also criticized President Lyndon Johnson for creating programs to help eliminate poverty in the 1960s.

Carson said that the result of these anti-poverty programs is more poverty, welfare, broken homes, out-of-wedlock births, crime and incarceration.

"Everything is not only worse, it is much worse," Carson insisted.

The Washington Post reported on a study by researchers at Columbia University in 2013 that found the percentage of Americans living in poverty was 26 percent in 1967, but the percentage had dropped down to 16 percent by 2012.

The study also found that without government programs, the poverty percentage would be 29 percent, worse than the 27 percent in 1967.

Sources: CNN,The Washington Post / Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

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