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Ben Carson: Doesn't Matter If Trump Accusers Lying (Video)

Trump supporter Ben Carson appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show on Oct. 14 where he said that it didn't matter if the women who accused GOP nominee Trump of sexual assault (a crime) were lying or not (video below).

During the segment, BBC World News America anchor Katty Kay was explaining to the former Republican presidential candidate that women do not come forward immediately with accusations of sexual assault because "all too often they are accused of being liars."

She then asked Carson, "Are you saying that these women are lying?"

Carson replied, "That's your characterization because you need to characterize it that way to try to make me the bad guy."

Kay denied that she was doing so. Carson told her repeatedly to stop and then he asked host Joe Scarborough, "Hey, can you turn her microphone off please?"

Scarborough told Carson: "No, no. It's a simple question. Yes or no. Do you believe these women are lying are not? Nobody is trying to paint you as a bad guy, we just want an answer. Straight talk."

"It doesn't matter whether they're lying or not," Carson said.

"Of course it matters," Kay responded.

"Listen it doesn't matter whether they're lying or not," Carson insisted. "What matters is that the train is going off the cliff."

In the next segment (video below) of the show, Scarborough said that Carson's request to turn off Kay's microphone was "staggering."

"I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed anybody who said that I should have my microphone turned off," Kay stated. "That’s censorship. A form of censorship in response to a very simple question…which he never answered."

Over on "CBS This Morning," Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana expressed his bewilderment as to why First Lady Michelle Obama condemned the sex assault remarks (on Oct. 13) that Trump made in 2005, which Pence himself condemned.

"Look, I have a lot of respect for the First Lady, and the job that she has done for the American people for the last seven and a half years," Pence stated. "But I don’t understand the basis of her claim."

Sources: Morning Joe via YouTube (2), CBS This Morning / Photo Credit: Morning Joe via YouTube

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