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Ben Carson: Democrats 'Tend To Look More At Skin Color'

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Speaking at an event in Jackson, Michigan, to commemorate the birthplace of the Republican Party, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson slammed the Democratic Party, saying his party has done “a far superior job of getting over racism.”

“I find black Republicans are treated extremely well in the Republican Party," Carson, a former Democrat, said. "In fact, I don't hear much about being a black Republican."

The retired neurosurgeon said he’s generally found the Republican Party to be more welcoming than his former party.

“If you’re black and you don’t think a certain way as far as they are concerned, you’re an Uncle Tom, you’re a sellout, you’re a traitor, you hate yourself, you hate your race," he said. "When you look at the philosophies of the two parties now, what I have noticed as a black Republican is that Republicans tend to look more at the character of people. And Democrats tend to look more at the color of their skin.”

Carson spoke to the Republican Party’s history of fighting for the abolition of slavery, saying that it was founded as an “abolitionist party.”

“The Republican Party worked very, very hard to abolish slavery and after it was abolished to try to gain rights for the freedman including the right to bear arms,” he said. 

Despite more than 90 percent of black voters supporting President Barack Obama in 2012, Carson claimed that more and more black people are leaning towards conservative politics.

“They're seeing that 50 years of these policies have not resulted in improvement and has really resulted in worsening the situation,” he said. 

“A lot of people in the minority community -- contrary to popular opinion, all they want is a fair chance," he added. "All they want is an opportunity to succeed."

Sources: Salon, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Salon


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