Being the president is a tough job


It's really a shame that our country has let names cause us to argue about every single question that comes up. It always turns into a huge debate. It's all about who could get it right, or do it better. I say bull that is why things are in such a mess. It has never been proved to me at least that either one has done anything but made themselves rich. Our government is largely made up of lawyers. What are lawyers trained to do? Control the situation, even if they must lie. The American public is very easy to screw, and the lawyers love screwing the public...legilly though. I know that someone will read this and say O, you spelled this or that wrong Okay so I suck at spelling. Sue me!!!

I can say though, I would not want the job that Mr. Oboma has. It's really a thankless job, it would take a man that would be unearth like to be able to please every opinion. So I say if you don't agree with how he is doing it try to suport him to make it better. Like the old saying, "if your not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem". Negative only makes more negative, try positive it works better. Give the president a chance, his job is a tough one.


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