There is speculation that Vanity Fair is about to do a hit piece on First Lady Melania Trump.

Evgenia Peretz, a reporter for Vanity Fair, has approached parents at presidential son Barron Trump's school in an effort to dig up dirt on Melania, reports Inquisitr.

Peretz reportedly spoke with the mothers of two of Barron's classmates at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City.

According to an anonymous "magazine insider" cited by Inquisitr, a third mother was subsequently also interviewed by Peretz.

However, other mothers “have been running as far away from Peretz as possible," said another anonymous source.

Yet another source, described as a White House insider, said that "it was clear from the questions Peretz asked others and the fact-checking being done that the story will be mean-spirited."

Peretz previously wrote about Barron's school in November 2016, describing some of the parents as "freaking out" about Barron being a student there.

Melania declined to be interviewed for Peretz's current article, reports Page Six.

Most of Melania’s friends who were approached by Peretz reportedly declined an interview.

One who did agree was Paolo Zampolli, whose agency represented Melania when she first arrived in New York City as a model.

However, he doubts the article will portray his friend in a good light. "How can you expect a nice story from Vanity Fair?" he asked.

Ever since President Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, Melania has been the subject of much scrutiny, from the decision to stay New York City until Barron finishes the school year, to her newly-unveiled White House portrait.

Regarding the portrait, she was criticized primarily for wearing a huge diamond ring, which Beth Teitell of The Boston Globe described as being "worth more than most Americans would make in 10 lifetimes."

Kate Andersen Brower, author of a book on first ladies, added: “You would think that she, or her handlers, although there aren’t that many, would look at the very prominent placement of this giant diamond ring, and you would think that would give them pause. The president’s message is about getting jobs for working-class voters.”

The president and Vanity Fair have a contentious history going back to at least 2011. The most recent clash occurred in December 2016, when the magazine gave a tepid review of Trump Grill, triggering a predictably hostile tweet from Mr. Trump in response.

Vanity Fair, in turn, printed Mr. Trump's tweet on the front cover of the its next issue.

There's no word on when Peretz's piece on Melania will be published, but the president will no doubt have something to say about it when it does.

Sources: Inquisitr, The Boston Globe / Photo credit: Barron W. Trump/Instagram

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