Barron Trump Given Jersey From Clemson Tigers (Video)


After social media users mocked Barron Trump for playing with a fidget spinner as he arrived at the White House this weekend, it looks like he's getting the last laugh: the Clemson Tigers just awarded him with a special jersey (video below).

U.S. President Donald Trump, his wife, Melania Trump, and his son, Barron Trump, are together in the White House for the first time in Mr. Trump's presidency. Melania and Barron moved from their Manhattan home to much fanfare in Washington, D.C., with news outlets paying close attention to their clothes, facial expressions, and anything else that may be indicative of how the first family is taking the move.

Barron quickly became the center of attention after pictures of the landing came out. He was spotted wearing a T-shirt with "The Expert" written across it. The shirt, which is a J. Crew offering, sold out just days after Barron was pictured wearing it, according to the Independent Journal Review.

Barron, 11, was also spotted playing with a fidget spinner: a three-pronged plastic toy set around a ball bearing, named such to help distracted kids focus their attention. They're currently the most popular toy in America, becoming nearly ubiquitous in every classroom around the country.

"They function, in their seductive tactility, like cigarettes for kids who are still young enough to find smoking completely disgusting. The measure of the craze can be taken with a quick scan of Amazon rankings: a recent search revealed that forty-nine of the fifty best-selling toys were either fidget spinners or fidget cubes," reads an article from The New Yorker describing the craze.

Social media remarks were not necessarily kind when talking about Barron and his fidget spinner, suggesting that he may have some sort of mental disorder that requires constant monitoring.

"Special needs kids need special attention when exposed to the realities of the world," wrote one user on Twitter. "Maybe a fidget spinner would help Barron."

"Fidgetspinner for anxiety? Kid'll need something stronger than that Melania Trump and Barron move into White House," wrote another.

The majority of those commenting on Barron's fidget spinner suggested that perhaps he should lend it to his father for a few days.

"Barron, give the fidget spinner to your dad. It might work. But it might not…" wrote one.

But not all was criticism and stress for the 11-year-old. The Clemson University Tigers football team, the most recent winners of the NCAA national championship, took their team visit to the White House to present customized jerseys to both him and his father.

Few kids get the opportunity to meet high-level athletes, but even fewer are bestowed a personal jersey from the most recent national champions. The fidget spinner, however, was a calm reminder that Barron is still just a middle-schooler.

Sources: Independent Journal Review (2), The New Yorker / Photo credit: JoanDragonfly/Flickr

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