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First Lady Of Israel Gives Melania A Gift For Barron Trump

The first lady of Israel presented U.S. first lady Melania Trump with a thoughtful gift referencing her son Barron's transition to life as first son.

Nechama Rivlin, wife of Israeli President Reuvin Rivlin, met with Melania, who joined President Donald Trump on his first trip abroad as president, The Jerusalem Post reports. The two first ladies met when the Trumps visited the president's residence, and Nechama gave Melania a touching gift.

Nechama gifted Melania a book called "The Hug," written by David Grossman and Ira Michal Rovner, reports Blasting News. The book's story resembles that of Melania and 11-year-old Barron.

In the book, a boy named Ben goes for a walk with his mother, who tells him about the things that make him special. Ben is the son of a powerful family, and his mother reassures him that while he may get lonely, he's never alone. Nechama gave Melania copies of the book in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

In a Facebook post, Nechama wrote that it was important to her that she gave Melania a gift for Barron, adding that Melania "immediately understood" and was "moved" by her gesture. She also wrote that she had found Melania to be a "charming woman, inside and out."

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, also weighed in on Barron's transition to the White House, according to Inquisitr. Yair mentioned that he could relate to how Barron must be feeling, because he too was put into the spotlight at a young age.

"I'm a big, big fan of both of you. I've heard about you so much from my mother," Yair told the Trumps. "You know, I can relate a lot to what Barron is going through because I've been his age during my dad's first term."

Yair explained that he was only 3 years old when the media began putting out satirical content about him. "Five years old," his mother, Sara Netanyahu, corrected.

"I feel the burn. Because he’s a child [and] doesn't have any tools or ability to fight them," Sara said. "It only makes you stronger. It makes you stronger."

Barron and Melania are expected to move from New York City to the White House at the end of June, when Barron is finished with the school year. The 11-year-old is currently attending Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan. After the move, Barron is set to attend St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland.

"The mission of St Andrew's is 'to know and inspire each child in an inclusive community dedicated to exceptional teaching, learning, and service,' all of which appealed to our family," said Melania in a statement, according to The Guardian. "We look forward to the coming school years at St Andrew's."

The move from Trump Tower in New York will help reduce security costs for New York City. The NYPD estimated that protecting Melania and Barron while they live in Trump Tower costs the city more than $127,000 per day.

Earlier in the school year, Barron and classmates went on a field trip to the White House, where they had a tour and listened to a speech by the president.

Sources: Blasting News, The Jerusalem Post, Inquisitr, The Guardian / Photo credit: The White House/Flickr

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