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Fast-Growing Barron Joins Mom As Christmas Tree Arrives (Photos)

Fast-Growing Barron Joins Mom As Christmas Tree Arrives (Photos) Promo Image

There has been another fist son Barron Trump sighting.

President Donald Trump's 11-year-old son has not been seen much since he moved into the White House, notes the Daily Mail.

He was last in the news in August, when a story circulated online that he had been rushed to hospital with severe pneumonia while on holiday in New Jersey. However, the report turned out to be fake news, as revealed by PolitiFact.

In real news, Barron ventured outside the White House with his mother, Melania, on Nov. 20, as the two greeted the arrival of the official White House Christmas tree.

He is taller than when he last stepped out in public, although the Daily Mail headline claiming that he "towers over Melania" is a bit of an exaggeration, as photos show the mother and son to be approximately the same height.

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However, once Melania's heeled Victoria Beckham boots are factored in, Barron does appear to be slightly taller.

In addition to the boots, Melania was sporting a Ralph Lauren Collection red turtleneck sweater, a Calvin Klein plaid coat priced at almost $1,600, and black trousers of an unspecified brand. The coat was draped over her shoulders, which is the way she loves to hold it, the Daily Mail adds.

Barron, too, was looking stylish in a white button-down shirt with jacket, slacks, and boots. 

Together they looked on as a horse-drawn carriage delivered this year's tree, which was provided by the Silent Night Evergreens company, winner of the National Christmas Tree Association's national tree contest, which has determined the official White House Christmas tree since 1966.  

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Silent Night Evergreens, located in Wisconsin, also provided the tree for the Clinton White House in 1998 and the George W. Bush White House in 2003.

According to the company website, "every aspect of the tree's production is personally supervised by owner Jim Chapman, to assure consistent quality year after year." 

Chapman and his family were on hand for the occasion, and after Melania and Barron spent about a minute looking at the tree, they went inside for a photo-op with the Chapmans.

The short tree-greeting ceremony represents the official beginning of the holiday season at the White House, which will continue on Nov. 21 with the traditional turkey-pardoning, with President Donald Trump presiding over the occasion.

This year's two turkey candidates were booked into the luxury Willard Hotel, located one block from the White House. 

Their names are Drumstick and Wishbone, it was announced. A Twitter poll will determine which of them gets pardoned, and which gets its head chopped off.

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