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Barbara Bush Says ‘I Love Bill Clinton’

Former first lady Barbara Bush told C-Span that she adores her husband’s Democratic successor, despite his politics.

“I love Bill Clinton. Maybe not his politics, but I love Bill Clinton,” Bush said in an episode of C-SPAN’s “First Ladies: Influence and Image” that aired Monday.

“My husband, Bill Clinton and I have become friends. And Bill visits us every summer. We don’t agree politically, but we don’t talk politics,” she said.

She says her husband has been a kind of father-figure for the 42nd president.

“Bill’s father wasn’t around, and I think he thinks of George a little bit like the father he didn’t have,” Bush said. “He is very loving to him. … When they went on that long tsunami trip, George told me Bill insisted he stay in bed and Bill insisted that he was taken care of. That was really nice. “

She also discussed what she found to be a vast difference between “being the Vice President’s wife and being the President’s wife.”

“The Vice President’s wife can say anything. Nobody cares,” she explained. “The minute you say one thing as the President’s wife, you’ve made the news. So that was a lesson I had to learn.”

Sources: Politico, The Hill


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