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Bannon Called Kushner A 'Cuck,' Kushner Helped Remove Him From NSC

New details have emerged that President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner may have played a role in ousting chief strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.

Politico reports former Democrat Kushner complained about right-wing nationalist Bannon, saying his ideology-driven plan to "deconstruct the administrative state" was hurting Trump.

"There’s a big fight [going on]," one senior official said, reports The Daily Beast. "It’s all about policy. There’s tension [between them] on trade, health care, immigration, taxes, [terrorism] -- you name it."

Kushner also privately revealed he thought Bannon was influencing the president negatively, playing "to the president’s worst impulses," reports The New York Times.

Meanwhile, Bannon called Trump's son-in-law a "globalist" and a "cuck," referring to the nickname the right wing uses to insult those they believe are not true Republicans.

"Steve thinks Jared is worse than a Democrat, basically," another official said. "[Steve] has a very specific vision for what he believes, and what he shares [ideologically] with Trump. And he has for a long time now seen [Jared] as a major obstacle to achieving that."

To some, Bannon's removal from the National Security Council on April 5 is a sign the man, once nicknamed "President Bannon," is losing influence.

Others in the White House disagree, calling the removal a "routine evolution."

They explain Bannon was only put on the National Security Council to monitor former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, who was replaced by Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster.

Regardless, many -- ranging from Republicans to Democrats -- are reportedly happy Bannon no longer serves on the National Security Council. Despite what Bannon and the White House say, they hold hope the chief strategist will continue to lose power.

"It was wrong for him to be added in the first place, and it was right to take him off," said Karl Rove, who worked as a senior adviser to President George W. Bush.

"He didn’t belong on the principals committee to begin with -- doesn’t really belong in the White House at all," added Rep. Adam B. Schiff of California, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. "I hope that this is a sign that McMaster is taking control of the National Security Council."

Some are upset about Bannon's removal.

"Flynn/Bannon most loyal to DJT (both out at NSC)," tweeted Flynn's son, Michael Flynn Jr., referring to Trump by his initials.

He continued, criticizing McMaster for not using the phrase "radical Islam" and adding, "Is WH serious abt defeating our enemy?"

Sources: Politico, The Daily BeastThe New York Times, Michael Flynn Junior/Twitter / Photo credit: Lori Berkowitz/Wikimedia Commons

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