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Bad Taste? Winery Sells 9/11-Themed Wine for $9.11

A winery in New York is profiting off of the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 by selling "Memorial Commemorative" wines, priced at a tacky $9.11 or $19.11.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the winery, Lieb Family Cellars, is located on Long Island, just 90 miles from the World Trade Center site -- a fact noted on the company's website.

It is offering a 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Merlot and a 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Chardonnay for $19.11. The winery said it is donating 6%-10% of proceeds to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

It is also selling cheaper wine called September Mission Merlot for $9.11, with 0.911 cents donated to the September's Mission foundation. The company has been selling this particular wine since 2004.

"We've probably donated $25,000 from that wine," winery general manager Gary Madden told the Times.

Responding to criticism that it is unseemly to make money off of such a tragedy, Madden told the New York Daily News, "We lost a lot of friends on 9/11. The owners of the vineyard are Wall Street people."

Photo courtesy NY Daily News


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