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Backstage Arrangements At Republican Debate Upset Campaign Staffers

The third Republican presidential debate makes its CNBC premiere in Boulder, Colorado, on Oct. 28, and the event is fraught with more backstage drama than a high school theater department. 

Earlier in October, current front-runner Donald Trump, along with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Rand Paul of Pennsylvania reportedly threatened to drop out of the debate if certain demands weren’t met, Politico reported. Although the issue was resolved, some candidates are now complaining about their backstage quarters at the University of Colorado's Coors Event Center.

Lower-polling campaigns have supposedly been relegated to sub-par green rooms to serve as work spaces for the campaign staff.

For example, Paul’s room was a cinder block affair, reportedly dominated by toilet, and featuring a collapsible table. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s room wasn’t much better and also prominently featured the restroom.

In contrast, Carly Fiorina’s room has a hot tub and Trump’s area came with a flat-screen TV and plush chairs. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida got a theater-style room with leather seats.

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“This is ridiculous,” Christie’s campaign manager, Ken McKay, reportedly complained. “We’re in a restroom.”

Paul’s team was equally unhappy, Politico reported. “Was there any advance done on the campaign work spaces?” political adviser Chris LaCivita asked. “Because it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it.” LaCivita later tweeted photos of Fiorina’s room compared to Paul’s with a sarcastic hashtag, "thanks RNC."

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The issues with Paul’s campaign green room have been resolved. The team has since been given a slightly better room that has a printer and a more sturdy-looking table, according to photos from LaCivita’s Twitter account. 

Despite the griping, there’s no doubt this debate is already divided in an official capacity, reported. The five candidates who polled in at less than 3 percent nationally will be relegated to a debate at 6 p.m. EST while the remaining 11 candidates will participate in the main debate at 8 p.m.

Sources: Politico (2), Chris LaCivita/Twitter, / Photo credit: Chris LaCivita/Twitter


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