Bachmann: Impeach ‘Dictator’ Obama for His ‘Thuggery’


The House of Representatives could hold a hearing to possibly impeach President Barack Obama for his “offenses,” according to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn).

“We can have an impeachment hearing in the House, and in my mind the president has committed impeachable offenses,” Bachmann told conservative talk show Rusty Humphries in an interview sponsored by on Tuesday.

Though she acknowledged impeachment is a “disruptive and harmful tool,” the Minnesota representative said it might be necessary because citizens are fed up with Obama’s “thuggery.”

“I think we could be on the cusp of seeing civil disobedience — I’m not saying I want civil disobedience — but people aren’t going to take the thuggery of this president much longer,” she said. “We see thuggery going on in the White House, we’re not going to take it. We’ve drawn a line in the sand and we’re telling the president you need to recognize ... that you are a co-equal branch of government. You are not a dictator.”

Bachmann said that the U.S. was at risk of turning “into a dictatorship,” but that the Tea Party had done its job in standing up to Democrats on fiscal issues regarding the government shutdown.

The president actually being impeached seems highly unlikely because of the Democratic-controlled upper chamber, Bachmann said.

Earlier this week, Bachmann also accused Obama of arming al-Qaeda militants in Syria and said it was evidence ”we’re in God’s end times.”

Right Wing Watch points out that Bachmann stated that “President Obama waived a ban on selling arms to terrorists,” but the Obama administration decided to allow vetted Syrian rebels not affiliated with terrorist organizations to help resist chemical weapons attack and only related to non-lethal defensive and protective aid.

In other news, Bachmann also responded to Miley Cyrus’ impersonation of her on Saturday Night Live, saying she didn’t mind the skit and said, “I’ve never done twerking in my life and I don’t intend to take it up.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Right Wing Watch


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