Smiling Australian ISIS Fighter Poses With Decapitated Heads In Twitter Photos (Photos)


Two Australian men currently fighting as members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) posted photographs of themselves holding up decapitated heads to Twitter. 

One of the men, Mohamed Elomar, was born in Sydney but reportedly left Australia last year in order to fight in Syria. One of the images uploaded to the social media site depicts Elomar posing with two severed heads and smiling for the camera. Another shows the heads apparently being placed on the metal spikes of a fence. 

The photographs were allegedly taken and posted to Twitter by Khaled Sharrouf, a friend of Elomar’s. According to the Daily Mail, Sharrouf’s accompanying tweets included statements like “bucket full of heads any1 in aus want some organs please dont be shy to ask I would love to assist u with body parts [sic]” and “few more heads how lovely bludy amazing stuff abuhafs u keep cutting those infidel throats but the last 1 is mine! [sic].” 

Sharrouf had previously been convicted for alleged terrorist activity in both Sydney and Melbourne before traveling to Syria to join ISIS. He was arrested along with seven other individuals for attempting to bomb Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in 2005. According to the Daily Telegraph, Sharrouf plead guilty and was imprisoned for the terrorist plot but released from jail the following year. He is suspected of leaving Australia on his brother’s passport, as his was canceled after he was sentenced.

Here are the Twitter pictures, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

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Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph


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