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Audio: Third Eye Blind Records Occupy Wall Street Song 'If There Ever Was A Time'

Third Eye Blind released a song this week in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement (audio below).

'If There Ever Was A Time' opens with the sounds of protesters reacting to an injury sustained by Marine veteran Scott Olsen, who was hit with an Oakland police projectile late last month.

The song goes: “If there ever was a time, it would be now, to make the masters hear this. If there ever was a time to get downtown, and get non violent and fearless, things only get brighter when you light a spark, everywhere you go right now is Zuccotti park.”

“And news corps says you don’t have a plan: well sit down man, I’ll tell you again,” the song goes on. “The plan’s to stand together up to greed, and a tear gas can in a veteran’s face won’t change the case.”

“‘If There Ever Was A Time’ is, at it’s heart, a simple invitation to join the movement,” band member Stephen Jenkins explained in a press release. “Particularly young people. I think college students are going to come to terms with the unfairness of student loans, the hallowing out of jobs from finance based capitalism, and the depletion of public wealth. When you take money out of politics, which is what Occupy Wall Street is about for me, you reverse these trends. This song is meant to encourage their participation. I hope we flood this movement with music.”

The band released their new track through their Facebook page, encouraging people to share it freely with friends. Numerous copies have also popped up on YouTube (below).


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