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Audio: Sheryl Crowe's New Song 'Woman in the White House' Offends Some Feminists

Sheryl Crow has recorded a new song entitled 'Woman in the White House' (audio below), which calls for a woman to be president, but not all women are happy about it.

The song's lyrics include: “It’s time to clean out Capitol Hill/With a shovel and pair of high heels/because we need/a little female common sense."

“Well we like to spend money/But not money we ain’t got/And we can balance a checkbook.”

“There’ll be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on/There’ll be a lot more loving and listening and getting along."

The song has provoked some critics on the left. blogger Alyssa Rosenberg wrote: “It sounds like Crow’s calling for a First Housewife, a Mom In Chief, rather than a president. Leave the high heels, take the campaign finance reform.”

Anna Holmes, founder of, said the song, especially the reference to high heels and a shovel, sounded “Palinesque.”


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