Audio: Rep. Todd Akin Says His 'No Pregnancy From Rape' Remark Came From Medical Reports


Rep. Todd Akin, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri, went on Sean Hannity’s radio program, today, to discuss statements that he made over the weekend (audio below).

On Sunday, Rep. Akin said women do not become pregnant from a "legitimate rape" and “the female body has ways of trying to shut that whole thing down.”

Today, Rep. Akin told Hannity: “Well, my only point in that was I had heard from medical reports that rape is such a traumatic type of thing that, um, that it, uh, that here is a reaction. But that’s wrong and that’s the second thing that I’ve apologized for,” reports

Later in the interview Hannity asked Rep. Akin if he was going to drop out of the Senate race, but the embattled congressman said: "I think that the people of Missouri are big enough to take a look at the whole package and say, 'Hey, this Obama is about to break our country and Claire McCaskill is a rubber stamp for him and so we need somebody who is going to take the fight to them. And I believe that we're going to do that.'"


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