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Audio: Rep. Mike Coffman Apologized for Obama-Birther Comment on "Political Reasons"

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), who was forced to apologize after he was caught on tape saying President Obama is “not an American,” is now claiming that his apology was largely made “for political reasons” (audio below).

The Denver-based Caplis and Silverman radio show recently asked Rep. Coffman: “Were you just at that moment speaking what was in your heart and are you now feeling you need to walk it back for political reasons?”

Rep. Coffman conceded “to some extent that’s true," but added that his main regret was talking about the birther issue was because: "I just think that’s a horrible issue for Republicans. Every day we’re talking about that is just a victory for the president."

Later in the interview, Rep. Coffman praised those who don’t believe Pres. Obama was born in the United States: “[Issues are] going to determine this election, not focusing on the birther question. God bless people that do that. I understand their passion."


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