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Audio: Rep. Allen West Claims Opponent Patrick Murphy "Cheated" in Election

Florida Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who lost to his Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy in November, now claims that Murphy somehow "cheated" to win the election (audio below).

Rep. West told radio host Mark Levin: "The most important thing everyone has to understand is my voice is not going to be lost. We’ve gotten a lot of opportunities, a lot of offers, and we’re going to make sure we continue to have that platform.... I’m a warrior and I’m a statesman and I’m a servant of this republic. I’m not going away just because of a congressional race where he seems to have to cheat to beat me."

Rep. West provided no proof that Murphy cheated, but Levin agreed: "He sure as hell did, it's disgusting," reports

Levin also told Rep. West: “You are a national treasure. You are way too important to have something like this to happen and off you go. That can’t happen.”


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