Audio: Mike Huckabee Says Dem. Support for Gay Marriage Will Sink the Democrat Party


Today, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released a poll finding that more Americans favor legalizing same-sex marriage, than oppose it, confirming other polls which show rising support for marriage equality.

The Democratic Party plans to endorse marriage equality in its party platform.

In response, Mike Huckabee  told Tim Wildmon on the American Family Association radio show (audio below) today that the move is the “best thing that’s ever happened to the Republican Party” and “may end up sinking the ship.”

Mike Huckabee said that while people tolerate people who “choose to live in lifestyles that they don’t necessarily agree with or approve of,” they are “no longer going to support” President Obama or the Democrats for having “openly declared war on biblical marriage.”

After burying the Democrats, Huckabee oddly mourned the end of the opposition party: “It’s to me a very tragic day, when we’re so interested in getting votes form a certain community and the contributions that they’re willing to forego their own principles and just throw them overboard.”


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