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Audio: Laura Ingraham says Herman Cain Would be the "First Black President"

Yesterday on her radio show (audio below), Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham offered Obama’s rise to the presidency as a perfect example of “the problem with affirmative action.” 

She said: “This is what what happens when individuals get pushed into positions, or elevated to positions for which they’re not qualified. People get pushed, pushed, pushed farther than their abilities can match the position, and then they just keep failing. All because we had such a yearning for history."

Laura Ingraham then stated: "Herman Cain, if he became president, he would be the first black president, when you measure it by, because he doesn’t, does he have a white mother, white father, grandparents, no, right? So Herman Cain, he could say that he’s the first, uh, he could make the claim to be the first — yeah, the first Main Street black Republican to be the president of the United States. Right? He’s historic too."


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