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Artist Plans Anti-Trump Mural Painted In Blood

A group of artists in California are sourcing human blood for a painting in protest of President-elect Donald Trump.

At the Samuel Freeman Gallery in the Culver City, California, arts district, a group of artists are working to complete a painting in protest of Trump.

Artists, musicians and activists have donated more than 20 pints of blood to Illma Gore, who is using the blood for a painting scheduled to be revealed on Jan. 15, just five days before Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, WABC reports.

"We weren't planning anything until he was actually elected and decided to make a statement, a protest against his inauguration," Gore told WABC.

Gore and the guerrilla art collective Indecline made headlines in 2016 when they constructed statues depicting Trump with a micropenis, which was placed in five cities in the U.S., according to The Creator's Project. Gore and Indecline reportedly received legal threats from the Trump campaign after the statues were unveiled.

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Now, Gore and Indecline say they have planned several anti-Trump art projects for the first year of Trump's presidency, beginning with the blood painting prior to his inauguration. According to the artist, the blood painting will be preceded by a blood drive, in which "high profile donors from the world of art, music, graffiti and activism," will contribute up to a pint of blood each.

"Those involved in this project wish to send a message of unity and fearlessness to the Trump Admiration," Gore told the Creator's Project. "It’s important for Trump to know his actions will be met with resistance from the leaders of the art world. It’s unlikely that he realizes how inspired most artist have become to fight back as a result of his gaining the presidency. We will be the shadow that follows Trump and provides the checks and balances our government fails to."

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Sources: WABCThe Creator's Project / Photo Credit: The Creator's Project

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