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Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Have Loved to Run for U.S. President

In today's "yeah, well, you can't so shut up" news, Arnold Schwarzenegger has told Esquire magazine that he would have loved to run for President of the United States, but couldn't, on account of him not being born in America.

He loved being the Governator of California, and starring in those tourism adverts, but he had his sights set on the big prize, which he was denied because of America's deep, deep mistrust of foreigners, which they have written into the Constitution because it is really important:

"If the [US] Constitution had been different and there was a chance to run for president, I would have done that.

"But that was not an option because the Constitution doesn't allow a foreign-born to run for president."

We bet, though, if he had voiced serious interest, that awful bastard Donald Trump would have thought it was a brilliant idea. He'd be all like "no, no, no, I've seeeeen Arnie's birth certificate and he was born here in the good old US of A and I am going to donate A BILLION DOLLARS to Arnie's campaign!" and then they would go and smoke cigars and count their money together and laugh and laugh and play golf and probably watch Conan The Barbarian because it really is a classic, you know. It really is.

But, anyway, whatever, it never happened. Thanks for nothing, America.

PS: Happy Inauguration Day, President Obama, who actually was born in America.


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