Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams ‘Extreme Right Wing’ Of Republican Party

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Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently wrote an op-ed about the current state of the Republican party. Schwarzenegger reaffirmed his status as a member of the GOP, but claimed that moderate Republicans like himself are not being treated well by the party.

Schwarzenegger wrote in the Los Angeles Times:

[I]n the current climate, the extreme right wing of the party is targeting anyone who doesn’t meet its strict criteria. Its new and narrow litmus test for party membership doesn’t allow compromise.

I bumped up against that rigidity many times as governor. Not surprisingly, the party wasn’t always too happy with me. But I had taken an oath to serve the people, not my party. Some advisors whose opinions I respect urged me to consider leaving the party and instead identify myself as a “decline to state” voter. But I’m too stubborn to leave a party I believe in.

It’s time for the Republicans who are so bent on enforcing conformity to ask themselves a question: What would Ronald Reagan have done? He worked hard to maintain a welcoming, open and diverse Republican Party.


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