Armed Iowa Candidate Says He'll Blow 'Balls Off' (Video)


Bob Quast is a relatively unknown candidate who is running for the U.S. Senate seat that Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) plans to vacate later this year when he retires.

In a recently released ad (video below), Quast brags that he doesn't have a law degree and threatens to blow "balls off” with his handgun.

“If you are a sexual predator and sociopath who murdered my sister Lynette, and you come to my front door to do harm to my girls, I’m going to use my Glock to blow your balls off,” Quast states in his ad, notes

“Liberals like [Rep.] Bruce Braley want to restrict our gun rights, including this magazine with 15 bullets,” Quast claims.

“Congressman Braley, you have nothing to fear as we are friendly folks here in Iowa,” adds Quast. “Please accept my invitation for an open debate prior to our June 3rd primary. I will leave my gun at home... as long as you agree to leave your elite law degree in D.C. We'll just use our brains to debate your reckless laws and taxes like BraleyCare."

"BraleyCare" is the derisive term Iowa Republicans have used to attack Rep. Braley (D-Iowa) for voting for Obamacare, which has insured about 12,000 people in the state, notes the Associated Press.

The Des Moines Register reports that Quast couldn't get enough signatures to get on the ballot as a Democrat, so his ad asks people to write his name in.

Sources: Associated Press, Des Moines Register,, The Iowa Republican


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