Arkansas State Rep. Ann Clemmer Says Limiting Abortion to 12 Weeks is 'Not Eliminating Choice' (Video)


On Wednesday, Arkansas State Rep. Ann Clemmer claimed that she and her fellow lawmakers were “not eliminating choice at all” by overriding Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban by a vote of 56 to 33 (video below).

“I really believe that we are not eliminating choice at all,” Clemmer told “We’re just saying after 12 weeks, the choice is over. You have a choice for the first 12 weeks. That’s almost three months. We’re talking the second trimester here, we’re talking about second trimester abortions.”

“I don’t think that having an abortion aids a woman’s health,” Clemmer added. “I don’t know under what circumstances having an abortion aids a woman’s health because this bill deals with women who have serious health issues, this bill deals with babies who have lethal fetal disorders and it deals with rape and incest.”

"We are heading straight to federal court to make sure those decisions get back in the hands of Arkansas women," Rita Slar, Executive Director of the ACLU of Arkansas told reporters.



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