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Arkansas Gay Marriage Ban Repeal Rejected

A ban on gay marriage in Arkansas will continue for now, after the state’s attorney general recently shot down a repeal to the ban.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected the repeal because he claimed the proposal was partisan and should be rewritten to show impartiality, according to the Inquisitr. 

The group Arkansans for Equality filed the repeal proposal in late June, after the U.S. Supreme Court shot down the Defense Against Marriage Act, which would have defined marriage as a union between a man and woman, according to 

McDaniel expressed concern that the repeal contained “misleading tendencies.”

“It is conclusory and partisan to assert that Amendment 83 ‘limits’ Arkansans’ ‘rights’ and ‘prevents federal laws ... being applied in a consistent manner,’” he said in a statement about the proposal. “To use such terms and phrases is to promote by implication, not to summarize, a proposal. As a consequence, the proposed ballot title has misleading tendencies and fails to meet the Arkansas Supreme Court’s requirement of impartiality.”

But the ballot title could still be successful, as McDaniel said Arkansans for Equality could file another reworded repeal proposal to him and he would gladly evaluate it again.

"You may, after clarification of the matters discussed above, resubmit your proposed amendment, along with a proposed popular name and ballot title, at your convenience,” McDaniel said in the statement. “I anticipate, as noted above, that some changes or additions to your submitted ballot title may be necessary. I will be pleased to perform my statutory duties in this regard in a timely manner after resubmission."

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