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Arizona State Rep. John Kavanagh Wants to Ban Transgender People From Using Opposite Sex Bathroom (Video)

In February, the Phoenix, Arizona City Council passed nondiscrimination laws that ensured people will have equal access to public accommodations regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to

In response, State Rep. John Kavanagh (R) has introduced his “show me your papers” bathroom bill, which would ban transgender people from using a bathroom that is different from their biological design, reports (video below).

The bill states that it is “an emergency measure that is necessary to preserve the public peace, health or safety and is operative immediately as provided by law.”

"The city of Phoenix has crafted a bill that allows people to define their sex by what they think in their head," said Kavanagh. "If you’re a male, you don’t go into a female shower or locker room, or vice versa. It also raises the specter of people who want to go into those opposite sex facilities not because they’re transgender, but because they’re weird."

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