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Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake: GOP Presidential Candidate Who Supports Gay Marriage is Inevitable

A week after Karl Rove made headlines for saying that he could envision a GOP presidential candidate who supported gay marriage, Sen. Jeff Flake from Arizona came out and echoed that very same point.

While appearing on Meet the Press Sunday, Sen. Flake was asked by fill-in host Chuck Todd whether he could ever see his party supporting a candidate who is pro-gay marriage.

"I think that's inevitable," he replied. "There will be one and I think he'll receive Republican support -- or she will. So I think that, ah --- yes, the answer is yes."

Sen. Flake’s point is obviously rooted in common sense, but it’s still interesting that he is opting to join the new wave of Republicans who are publicly softening on this issue while tensions surrounding it remain at an all-time high.

It’s clear that at some point in time, a less bland Rob Portman-type will come out in support of gay marriage. Similarly, with 80 percent of people under the age of 30 now supporting marriage equality, it goes without saying that candidates who come down on the right side of the issue will be rewarded at the ballot box. That being said, the fact that Republicans are so openly admitting the inevitability of this occurrence makes it a bit strange that they’re still desperately hanging on the party’s old position.  

“I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I still hold to the traditional definition of marriage,” Flake said in the same interview.

You can check out the Arizona Senator’s full conversation with Todd in the video below.

Sources: Mediaite, TPM


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