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Arizona Republicans Push Bill To Ignore The President's Executive Orders

The Republican-controlled Arizona House passed a bill, HB 2368, on March 10 that would ban state officials from enforcing or cooperating with President Barack Obama’s executive orders or the U.S. Department of Justice unless the orders are approved by Congress.

HB 2368 is sponsored by state Rep. Bob Thorpe, a Republican, and passed with 36 Republican votes against 24 Democrat votes, noted

The bill was praised by the conservative Tenth Amendment Center, which said the bill "creates a mechanism to put on public record just who commits Arizona resources to the support and implementation of these executive orders."

The Tenth Amendment Center added, "Under this bill, if Arizona politicians want to implement any executive orders, they will have to risk their office to do it."

Executive orders are issued to federal government agencies, not local agencies, so it's not clear how this bill would affect federal employees.

Sources:, Tenth Amendment Center
Image Credit: Akampfer


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