Arizona Rep. Brenda Barton Continues To Compare President Obama to Other Dictators

Arizona Republican Representative Brenda Barton caused controversy last week when she compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler, and despite denying that was what she was doing in her statement, she has now continued by comparing the President to Cambodian dictator Pol Pot.

Opposing Views first reported that Barton made the comparison by calling Obama “De Fuhrer”, and after other news outlets reported it, she came out saying that it was taken out of context. Now, after being asked by a Capitol Times reporter about the comments, she is comparing Obama to Pol Pot.

“Like I said, it got your attention to run the comparison,” said Barton. “You have historical documents, you can run a comparison between the government during the time of Germany. Well, don’t forget Italy, and don’t forget Pol Pot (the infamous dictator in Cambodia). We have a lot of examples of how a federalized nationalized government begins to take a grip on their citizens. We have to say no… I think we are on a slippery slope of losing a constitutional republic.”

Many are outraged that Barton would compare President Obama to Hitler, who murdered 6 million Jews and countless others during the Holocaust, and then go and compare him to Pot, who was responsibly for the murder of 1 to 3 million of his own citizens. Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell says that Barton should either apologize or resign.

"It seems to be the more Representative Barton opens her mouth, the deeper the hole she digs," said Campbell. "It is offensive to the people who suffered at the hands of these terrorists."

As of now, Barton refuses to apologize for her comments. 


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