Arizona Legislators Introduce Bill Barring Third Party Candidates

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is no fan of Libertarians.

According to AZ Central, in the last year, two Arizona Republican candidates have lost elections to Democrats by 10,000 votes or fewer while the Libertarian candidate on the ballot received more than 10,000 votes. Brewer wants these Libertarian votes back in the R column.

So what did she do about it?

She made it all but impossible for a third-party candidate to ever get on an Arizona ballot.

Brewer signed a bill into law this evening that raises the signature requirements to get on a ballot to practically impossible levels. For example, Green Party candidates would have to get more signatures than they have members in their party in order to appear on the next ballot.

So there you go, America. Either every political view you have fits cleanly into one box or another or, oh well.

People have shown in the past that they will elect members of third parties to major public offices. In the last 140 years, there have been 111 representatives, 31 senators, and 22 governors elected that were not affiliated with any major political party. The amount of money involved in winning elections makes it hard for third-party candidates to compete, but it does happen.

This bill in Arizona is the latest piece of evidence that the two-party system is only becoming more entrenched over time.

In an almost too ironic to be true move, the bill is officially named the “Elections Integrity Bill.”

Good one, guys.

Sources: AZ Central, Wikipedia


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