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Arizona Immigration Law-Helpful or Racial Profiling?

Immigration Debate Heats up in Arizona

As predicted, the immigration debate is starting to pick up steam.  With health care out of the way, some of the same opponents have targeted illegal immigrants as their targets.  Unlike health care, this debate will have an immediate impact on many Americans.  Families may be broken up, emotions will certainly run high, but the impetus seems to be on this new immigration law in Arizona.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a new immigration bill into law on Friday, April, 23rd.  This law now requires police to check to see if people are here illegally.  If you are a guest worker, then you should have your papers on you at all times.  This reminds people of Nazi Germany where the Gestapo checked for papers from the Jews.  The Governor said that she will provide additional training to ensure that cops will not racially profile.  Despite the Governor's good intentions, just like I bring out in my book: Plain Talk vol. 1, people naturally form stereotypes in their mind.  If they see people who look like them, they will assume that they are citizens.  but what about Hispanics, will they automatically be suspicious of these ones.  If so, look to see a heap of lawsuits bogging down and draining resources from the court systems of Arizona.

Is this law really worth it?  Surely they can think of a better way to reform immigration in this country.  This type of law was already tried in the past.  It was called Operation W*tback in 1954.  (All of this was brought out in my book Plain talk vol. 1)  The operation led to the deportation of many illegals, but it had to be abandon due to racial profiling of Hispanic citizens.  There have already been clashes between the police and demonstrators.  Many people see this law as a direct threat to their way of life.  My big question is:  Will Mexicans be the only ones affected by this law, or will you see Africans, Cubans, Asians, Russians, and other ethnic groups being deported?  If you only see Mexicans being deported, then you can naturally see the ulterior motives behind this Arizona immigration law!


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