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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Says Racial Discrimination No Longer Exists

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said on Tuesday that she was satisfied to see that a portion of the Voting Rights Act had been struck down by the Supreme Court and added that the act “hampered” the state.

“Decisions that affect states should be left to states,” Brewer said. “I am grateful to the High Court for ruling on the side of sovereignty and federal restraint."

Section 4 of the act required states would to preclear voting laws in an effort that originally provided for protection against racial discrimination. When asked why she believed the clause was unnecessary, Brewer said that racial discrimination no longer exists.

“I think we were being punished by the Voting Rights Act for indiscretions, bad things that took place decades ago,” Brewer said. “We have grown and so it was the right thing to do so I’m pleased.”

The governor added that while racial discrimination was historically common when the act was created, the standard has now become redundant.

Sources: Raw Story, CBS News


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