Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Chastises Republicans for Shutdown, Obamacare Fight


During the partisan frenzy of the 2012 Election year, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer made headlines after a picture circulated of her pointing her finger at President Obama, who seemed to be trying to walk past her.

Governor Brewer later called the encounter “uncomfortable” and claimed it was centered on a dispute about an account of a meeting between the two detailed in her book. She also once falsely claimed that illegal immigrants were beheading people in the Arizona desert as part of a harsh immigration agenda.

So, it is somewhat surprising that she is the latest vocal critic of the GOP’s efforts to defund the Affordable Healthcare Act also called Obamacare.

Many states controlled by Republican administrations are taking steps to refuse funding from the government for the law, including some state officials calling for citizens to openly defy the law. However, Governor Brewer told Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services that even though she opposed the law in the first place, she does want to ensure that the citizens of her state benefit from it as much as they can.

“The bottom line is we need that money in our economy to save rural hospitals and jobs,” the Governor said. She also warned that to repeal it at this point would “devastate” their state budget. Governor Brewer expects Obamacare will make $1.6 billion in payments to Arizona’s Medicaid program this year alone. The money will come from a new tax on hospitals, so there is no direct cost to the taxpayers.

Governor Brewer has already felt some political fallout from expanding Medicaid in her state, even though she was one of the Governors who sued to stop Obamacare on constitutional grounds. The case made it to the Supreme Court where Justices ruled that the healthcare law mandate was indeed constitutional. 


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