From Aristotle To Mexican Fences: Rep. Steve King Goes On Epic Rant About Western Society (Video)


Ahh, Steve King.

The House Representative from Iowa has been in the news a lot lately for some great comments. Last week, he said that illegal immigrants are all marijuana traffickers with cantaloupe sized calves.

Fair point, obviously. 

He then shared his opinion on how shameful it is that America, according to King, values animal life more than human life. To illustrate his point, King said that a man can kidnap a 13-year-old girl, rape her, force her to have an abortion and then “drop her off at the swing set …and that’s not against the law in the United States of America.”

Actually, that would be completely illegal, but who cares, right? It is the bigger point he is making that matters.

King provided us with another gem today when he went on a 25-minute rant about the history and values of western society. The speech came to a riveting climax when, after covering the intellectual history of the Greeks and Romans, the protestant work ethic and the Age of Reason, King said that “We need to build a fence, a wall, and then another fence” on the Mexican border.

Below you'll find a great little four minute clip from the speech. You can see the speech in its entirety here. My favorite section is from 7:00-12:00 minutes, but feel free to explore the video in all of its glory and pick your own. 

Sources: Think Progress, C-SPAN


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