Is Anti-Trump Rap Song Too Threatening? (Video)


A rap song slamming Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gone viral since its video release on March 27, but has also raised concerns about its violent lyrics (video below).

The song is called "CIT4DT," which is short for “Choppa in a Trunk 4 Donald Trump."  The phrase "choppa" is slang for a selective-fire rifle, notes The Baltimore Sun.

The tune is performed by Dooley, Tlow and Lor Roger, but none are musicians, according to Dooley aka Abdel Ibrahim.

“We dropped that video for fun," Ibrahim told the newspaper. "It blew up like crazy, and everyone was like, ‘Make the song for real!’”

"I’m not no rapper, though," Ibrahim added. "I do comedy videos.”

The song, set to the music of "Chicken Chicken" by Detroit rapper Rocaine, begins with an off-camera voice asking the trio and their friends what they think about the GOP front-runner, and they respond, "Man, f--- Donald Trump, man."

"We didn't mean no harm by it," Ibrahim told The Baltimore Sun. "We don't got no damn chopper! My religion says don't even kill. I wouldn't kill an innocent fly."

Ibrahim self-identifies himself as a Muslim, and said Trump's comments about wanting to monitor mosques was part of his inspiration for the rap.

The rap song also says: “Boy ain’t even white / You yellow / You said you’d date your own daughter / You a sicko," notes City Paper.

The tune calls Trump "a bitch and a half" and says he will get "hit in the head with Moose's shovel" if he comes to Baltimore; a shout out to Baltimore rapper Young Moose.

The tune was originally a 28-second video uploaded to Twitter on March 15, but it became so popular that Ibrahim and his friends made a full song out of it.

The music industry magazine Billboard took notice of the song's video and noted on March 29 that it had more than 270,000 plays on WorldStarHipHop.

Ibrahim told The Baltimore Sun that Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was "cool," but added, "To be honest, I just want a good person. I don't really pay attention to it. I just be hearing all of the stuff Trump be saying."


Sources: The Baltimore Sun, City Paper, Billboard / Photo credit: dooley funny/YouTube

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