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Anti-Trump Protester Attacked While Giving Speech (Video)

A student was giving a speech against President-elect Donald Trump at Ohio State University on Nov. 15 when he was suddenly attacked from behind by a second student on the Columbus campus (video below).

"You idiot!" the second student shouted as he shoved the speaker down the stairs. Other students held the second student down until police took him into custody. As the officers walked the second student out, the students chanted: "Shame! Shame! Shame!"

The Lantern, the campus newspaper, identified the anti-Trump protester as Timothy Adams, and the attacker as Shane Michael Stanton.

Gerard Basalla, Undergraduate Student Government president, said Stanton was arrested and indefinitely suspended from the university.

"The assault that occurred -- that’s what it was -- in the Union tonight is completely unacceptable," Basalla said. "Every person on this campus has the right to feel safe and voice their opinion without fearing harm. We can’t be having this."

Stanton was charged with a misdemeanor count of assault, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

The protest that Adams was taking part in started in front of a library, and grew larger with more students and people from off campus, including seniors and children.

The protesters held signs that read: "This p**** grabs back," "Your walls divide our world" and "Dump Trump."

Jake Liddic, a Trump supporter, told The Lantern that the president-elect was not getting a fair chance: "The biggest problem that we face is people not giving Trump a chance. People are dehumanizing a person because his values misalign with their own but they’re also missing him address minorities in a presidential manner."

The protest outside the library continued with a march to the Ohio Union student center, where the incident occurred.

Adams, who was slammed from behind, found his bullhorn and glasses broken, but later stood up and said: "Can I finish my speech now?" bringing support from the crowd.

"I think, if anything, tonight shows that we really need to bring people into social movements, bring people into social organizations and to come out for each other and stand up for each other," Adams told his fellow protesters. "Ultimately, coming together is the only thing that’s going to stop any kind of violence."

Nick Davis, president of Students for Trump, said his group doesn't condone the actions of the attacker, who was not a member of the organization.

"We are especially outraged that violence was used today at the Ohio Union as an attempt to quell free speech," the OSU chapter of College Democrats said on Facebook. "Acts of violence such as this cannot be allowed to become normalized at OSU or anywhere in America."

Chris Davey, an university spokesman, told The Lantern: "We witnessed a disturbing incident at a political demonstration on our campus this afternoon. As we said last week, the safety of our students and freedom of speech are bedrock, immutable principles that are the foundation of our university."

Sources: The Lantern, The Columbus Dispatch / Photo credit: Lantern TV/YouTube

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