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Anti-Obama Overpass Protest Allowed in Missouri

Anti-Obama "overpass" demonstrators were arrested last week in St. Charles, Missouri, but were allowed to protest on Saturday.

According to, about 50 people protested on an overpass overlooking Highway 70 (pictured, right).

The protesters want President Obama impeached, but that would require legal justification, as well as majority votes in the House and Senate.

DeeRock, a black musician who attended the overpass demonstration, said the protest is “not a black or white issue, but a red, white and blue issue.”

One sheriff from a nearby county participated to show his support for Duane Weed and Marc Messmer, who were arrested on the same overpass by the Missouri Highway Patrol last week for causing a disturbance (video below). claims that its "negative publicity" of the arrests somehow resulted in the protesters being allowed on the overpass Saturday.



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